Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Less Connected Life

No one will ever look back on their life and think, "Man, I wish I spent more time looking at my phone. Things sure would have been better if I had known what was going on in social media."

There will be exceptions. For example, if I'm run over by a guy that posted, "Gonna go drive recklessly at the Virtua parking lot this morning #OutRunThat", yes, getting that warning might have helped. For the vast majority of us, presence is where it's at.

To that end, the system (not the resolution, the system) I'm setting up for this year has now hit two parts. First, when getting home, my phones go on the office desk in the bedroom. Not in the kitchen, not my pocket, but away from where life is happening. Second, when I go out, look for opportunities to leave the phones at home.

That second one is a fun one. I don't realize a compulsion until the object of its affection is gone. Try it and count the number of times you find yourself reaching for the device. It's probably not far off from any other addict's sensation. It certainly tells me I made the right decision.

The results are already readily apparent. I've had more time with the kids. I've gotten more reading done in the books and magazines I own. Saturday morning I sat with Katherine and went over her work from the week. We played, "Will it float?" Tonight I read with Layla. I find myself noticing, engaging with, and paying attention to Jackie more. While at Grandmom's, where I did not take the phone, I played with the kids. I haven't done that...maybe ever.

I felt present in my life, and I'm happier because of it.