Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Simple Tip for Morale

Employee morale is a tricky beast, or so it seems. If you want to be an exceptional organization, it behooves you to pay attention to the latest and greatest teachings on what to do to keep those employees happy.

However, despite all the best propaganda from many HR organizations, the next step for many organizations is not Exceptional. The next step for most organizations, by definition, is above average, average, and bearable.

The good news for such places is that in order to improve morale, you don't need to invest millions in training your leaders. You need not bestow weeks of vacation time. Don't even burden yourself with the thought of modeling the latest and greatest ways of the latest and greatest exceptional organizations.

Just say Hi.

That's it. If someone is walking by you at work, regardless of your relation to them, and they say hello, say hi back. This gets even more important once you are a leader. The higher up in the food chain you go, the more your acknowledgement, or lack thereof, will impact someone.

Yep, the higher up you go, usually, the greater the stress. The more likely it is you get in your own head as you walk around. After all, a leader lives in the future as they create the vision. Just stay in the present enough to say Hi. Your team will appreciate it, or, at the very least, they're less likely to thing you don't care about them, and every organization has to start somewhere.