Monday, January 6, 2014

To New Beginnings

Why blog again?

Why not blog again!

Are people still calling it blogging? Should I be tumbling? Tweeting?

I don't think it matters.

Much good can come of blogging, and that's what I intend. But why now?

I blog now to make something better. A better future, a better self. To crystallize my thoughts, get them out of my head. Turn them around. Look at them. Improve what's good, and toss what isn't. I hope some of you might aid in that mission.

Get ready, cause the periodicity, subjects, and tone will be in constant flux. I intend to go deeper on some topics, which might take some work. I've got more distractions, which will mean less time here. But for all of you that wish, "Jonathan's tweets sure are great, if only he could say the same thing with many more words," call me Genie.

I chose the title Drawn Better because the one constant in these thirty three years is my stubborn insistence that I can be something better than I am and that along the way I might help others find the same upside. So this blog is for me, drawn better.

"The good life is one inspired by love, and guided by knowledge." (Bertrand Russell) Seems like as good a philosophy as any to run with. Here we go (again).

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